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How to trade and earn in binary options online?

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How Do I Start?

Create an account

To get started trading binary options, simply open an account at Option Prime or one of the trading sites mentioned on the page below. They all meet specific requirements such as instant trade execution which ensures proper synchronization with the indicators on the tools page. Additionally, we only want to recommend trading platforms that have earned our respect by showing high levels of security, integrity and professional customer service.

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The Method

It is a well known fact that 90% of users trading binary options are beginners who have no real trading strategy. Because they simply play by instinct or by flipping a coin on weather a currency or stock will go up or down in value they loose money in the long run. You can avoid this trap by using a very simple method called "Tracking Trends".

What is a trend

Price trends are noticeable patterns in the value movement of a currency or stock used by binary options traders. These traders can be individuals like you, or large banks and investment funds making million dollar bets on the price movement of oil, gold, or the US dollar. Once investors from around the world get started trading an asset they take cues from each other which create noticeable trends which effect the price movement of a commodity or currency.

How to identify a trend?

The best way to identify trends in trading binary options is to identify a clear evolution of the movement in the price of the financial instrument either up or down. Keep reading to learn a few tips on discovering trends and how to apply these patterns to a trading strategy.

Example of an Up side trend:

This indicator shows a clear upward trend in the price.
, it is strongly recommended to invest up (UP or " Call ") on that asset.
Example of an Down side trend:

This image shows a clear downward trend in the course.
, It is therefore advisable to invest downward (ie "Down or "Put") on that asset.
Example of course << range >> (no tendency) :

This image shows no trend..
,it is recommended to build on this asset.

How to find trends with a chart

Though a partnership with a well known market statistics provider, we have made available a candlestick indicator on the tools section of this page.

Each candlestick on the chart is set in what is known as M5 timeframe. This means that each candlestick (vertical bar) is equivalent to the evolution of the course over a five minute period. The red lines indicate downward trend while the green lines indicate an upward one. Each binary option position lasts for 5 - 30 minutes depending on your trade. To be a profitable trader you simply need stay within the trend more often than not.

Can I win all my positions ?

While it's not possible to win every position you enter into with binary options, this is not the goal of even the most successful traders. Our goal is to help you win the majority of your bets, and thus create a profit. . If you can win 7 times out of every 10 trades, you'll experience a high rate of return and generous net profits over the long run.

How To Invest

What is the correct amount to invest on each position?

I recommend investing at least 5% and no more than 10% of your total capital (bankroll) on each position. : ." By only placing a small fraction of your capital in any one position you can deal with losses and swings which do occur in each trading day. For example, when I started with a small investment of only $20 per position out of a total capital of $400 (5% per trade) I was able to raise my capital up to $5000 with a series of winning positions. Now that I had a larger bankroll I was able to raise the investment amount to $250 per trade. The key to continuous profits trading binary options is to establish a large capital base by which your overall profits even at the same win percentage will be larger.


$200 Capital = $10 Position (Max)
$500 Capital = $25 Position (Max)
$2000 Capital = $100 Position (Max)

Start Now

We have chosen 3 select trading platforms for binary options that clearly stand out from the competition. These platforms are ideal for our trend monitoring techniques. Try starting with Option Prime, which is the easiest platform to use for beginners. When you are comfortable with the platform method, you can register on others in order to widen your trades .

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"I was seeking out an investment opportunity to save for retirement and the method has worked exceptionally well. I started out by depositing $1,000 on Option Prime and after a few losing trades I was down to $700. After I found your site and learned about identifying trends I was able to grow my bankroll to $1,350 in only my 2nd week of trading. Your strategy is really effective, and has made my online trading experience positive beyond belief."

Gerard, Vancouver.

"I wasn't too sure about this trading strategy at first but I decided to give Option Prime a try with an initial investment of $200. With your trend tracking method I was up by $800 in just 3 days. Thanks so much, I owe my success to your method"

Henry Stevenson, Sydney

"I didn't think that trading stocks online was for me till I found your method. I'm not a numbers person so the math and charts always scared me away. Your method is simple to understand even for a math dummy like myself. I started out with a $500 deposit on Option Prime and 3 weeks later I was up to $1,854. I only spend 2-3 hours a day trading and am already making more money per hour than at my regular jobs"

Tom Smitt - New York

"After my first few trades, I instantly knew that I could make some serious money with this method. With your trend tracking tools I can be sure to win the majority of my trades. I more than tripled my initial investment of $800 at Option Prime to an amazing $2,800 in my first month alone. Now I can take a monthly distribution from my capital to supplement my regular work income, Thanks!!!"""

Justin Wong, Singapore

" When I first came across this page I was doubtful about the method and didn't quite understand the trading theory. But I followed your advice very closely and have been making extra income each month ever since. I'm so grateful that I found this system, obrigado!"

Mariana Souza - Brazil

" This method does changed my way of living from office to just working 3 hours anywhere i like. I make 1 Lakh Rupees every week which is not bad for a beginner! And as of, I find their trading platform very easy to use. No technical knowledge required. Five Stars!"

Rahul Chopra - India

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